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A Word from the Editor-in-Chief

'If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.'

Joseph Goebbels
Nazi Propaganda Mastermind

Logica Tribune is a reaction to the state of Western journalism, government media interference, and society's resultant collective intelligence. No longer the balanced communicator of information, journalism is now alarmism - about what we can and cannot say or do, should and should not believe, who we are and are not, and about what catastrophes lie in wait if we don't conform. Much of Western society has responded by conforming.

Why is this important? Because in a democratic society, a free press is necessary to help us determine how we are governed and by whom. The demise of journalistic freedom equals a demise of democracy. For example, the US government worked with media to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020, thus ensuring the election of President Joe Biden. According to polls, it is said that anywhere from 16% - 71% of Americans who voted for Biden would not have had they known that the laptop story - indicating Biden and son Hunter's corrupt dealings with China - was true. 

For the keen observer, the UK government's relationship with media is no less sinister. During the pandemic we were plied with daily news of death tolls (which, as sad as they were, only ever amounted to 1% of the population). We were constantly warned how we all faced imminent death without total compliance to the Coronavirus Act 2020. In an instant, this one piece of legislation controlled who we could see, where we could travel and if dying whether we would die alone. It shut down businesses, closed schools, and has led to one of the worst mental health crises this country has ever seen. Yet, the government justified these actions by harnessing the power of media.


For example, even though research proved that Ivermectin is an effective treatment for COVID-19, the BBC worked to 'debunk' this as 'false science.' As we entered pandemic year two, former Health Secretary Sajid Javid screamed through our TVs that this was now 'a pandemic of the unvaccinated' (eerily echoing the words of President Biden verbatim), and bullied us get to vaccinated. The release of the Matt Hancock WhatsApp messages explicitly state the government's intention to 'frighten the pants off of everyone', using the 'fear/guilt factor' in order to get 'proper behaviour change' from the public.


Strangely, after terrifying us into masking up, the UK press is now virtually silent about the emerging evidence proving that masks had little to no effect in protecting us from the virus. The media is equally schtum about the excess deaths plaguing the UK population despite the supposed success of the vaccine rollout. The media is clearly a tool of government, which always coincides with growing government power. Should you read the words of Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's right hand propaganda man, you will know that amongst many things he said, 'The point of a political speech is to persuade people of what we think right... it is not the task of propaganda to discover intellectual truths.'  All that mattered to him was saying something enough times so that it was accepted as truth. It should frighten you how much Western governments today mirror the behaviour of Nazi Germany.

The objective of Logica Tribune is the exact opposite of propaganda. The aim here is to help readers discover 'intellectual truths' and to liberate minds, not to control them. I won't promise to be completely unbiased; every journalist writes from their own perspective. I also admit that I will deliberately present perspectives and facts that are silenced in the mainstream. But my goal will always be to let logic, facts and objective truth speak for themselves. The rest is up to the reader. Born in England and raised from preadolescence in the southernmost US state of Florida, I have keen interest in what happens in both the UK and US. As such, I will tend to draw on events I find relevant from both sides of the Atlantic. Many of the chosen topics will relate to social rights (in the areas of health, social care, disability and housing) and employment, which are my main areas of interest.


We should all be concerned about Big Tech censorship and what that means for us as a democratic society. We should also worry that simultaneously we are being encouraged to abandon critical thinking and to accept new, entirely subjective belief systems while eschewing meaningful debate and disbanding with long-held, proven scientific and historical facts. Subsequently, we now have a society that largely comprises the worst 'isms' - emotionalism, narcissism, tribalism, selective moralism and ideological extremism. We are tropism at its finest, bending to the will of the external under the misguided belief that our ideas and choices are our own. But how can they be when we are only fed one narrative and pressured to accept it or be cancelled, fired or de-platformed? Everyone is screaming about their 'personal truth' and individuality when in reality so many of us believe what we do - even about ourselves - because we were forced or conditioned to. 


So, what to do? Well, as a very wise Man said two thousand years ago, 'The truth shall make you free.' So, join in me in the search for truth. Welcome to Logica Tribune.

Jacqueline Parkes

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